Dear Tracy,

Everyone at our party was blown away by your fantastic work, so many approaching 40 spouses said ‘now I know what to get….’

I’ll pass on your details to our friends, you’ll be getting a raft of orders shortly I hope

Thanks again for your wonderful, creative work

Daniel x

Hi Tracy

Our lovely banner arrived the same day as our son so please forgive the time it has taken for me to shoot you this email of thanks.

Thank you so much. My husband (and I) just love it. He literally put it up on the wall half an hour ago and it is perfect. Perfect for the space and a perfect summary of our journey so far.

The process and ease of communication was extremely easy so thank you for that also.



Dear Tracy,

Thank you so much for our wonderful Tram Banner, it is displayed at the end of an upstairs hall way and creates quite an impact when going out side to our BBQ

I gave it to my husband as a wedding gift and tells the story of our lives in Broome ,time spent together and the places we have lived and loved.
It is a constant reminder of the joy we have shared together
Cheers to you for producing such a wonderful statement for us to enjoy.